Gemex Consultancy b.v. Bachlaan 4,
5343 ED, Oss,
The Netherlands
Tel  +31 412 78 40 82
Mob +31 65 33 44 913


Product development

Gemex Consultancy b.v. developed and realized a wide range of sustainable products for global fortune 500 companies.

Because our expirience, knowledge and quality control standards are very high, we provide products with the best quality, price/performance and sustainability

Below just a few of the products Gemex developed as service to major clients and which can be found in the market under well known brand names. New unique energy saving products will be listed hre soon.

 Developed most produced ledlamps in 2009 and 2010 

   See the unique specs of range of lamps and tubes for Lemnis Asia

  Most sold LED streetlight in the netherlands

For more information or to find out were to buy products of our design contact us via email You may also call us at +31 65 33 44 913. We look forward to serving you.